Company Advantage

Company Advantage

Technical Advantages

Domestic leading processing capacity Complete set of treatment technology for nickel sulfide and high nickel matte 200,000 tons of nickel sulfate production capacity reserve

Has more than 75 patents Perfect upstream industry chain technology Formation cost advantage: reduce the cost of crystallization, transportation and re-dissolution of ternary precursor materials by nearly 5,000 yuan/ton

Possess zero discharge technology for wastewater treatment
Daily processing capacity 3580m³
National Key Demonstration Project for Water Pollution Control

Unique slag heap extraction technology
More than 80% leaching rate
Far above the industry level

Cooperation with Central South University Core Technology of Comprehensive Utilization of Waste Lithium Batteries Supporting to ensure the stability of raw material supply

National Accreditation Laboratory (CNAS)
National High-Tech Enterprise
Tianjin Enterprise Technology Center
"Industry-University-Research" Cooperation Base of Central South University

Team Advantage

Environmental advantages

Green Cycle Sustainable

Maolian Nangang Factory is equipped with 4 sets of MVR sewage treatment systems, which can treat 3580 cubic meters of wastewater per day. All wastewater will be treated by the MVR system to recover ammonia, sodium sulfate, ammonium chloride, sodium chloride and condensed water to achieve zero wastewater. emission. The system was developed by the in-depth cooperation between Maolian Technology and Nankai University, and in 2018, it successfully applied for the “National Water Pollution Control and Treatment Science and Technology Major Project Demonstration Project”.
All waste residues will be recycled as products, including precious metal intermediates, iron powder (for ironmaking), etc., to achieve zero discharge of waste residues. All exhaust gas has achieved organized emission standards.
It has well protected the blue sky and white clouds of “Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei”!