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Supplier Responsibility

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1. Purpose Conduct mineral supply chain due diligence investigations on cobalt raw material suppliers to identify and manage supply chain risks. 2. Area Applicable to the company’s procurement of cobalt metal-related raw materials and products. The objects include products and services related to all cobalt raw material suppliers. 3 Process 3.1 Identify all upstream suppliers

Grievance Mechanism

In terms of social responsibility, especially the due diligence management of the cobalt supply chain, if you have any suggestions, comments or complaints to us, you can contact us through the following methods: Tel:022-59851388 Email: Address: No. 9, Fugang Road, Nangang Industrial Zone, Tianjin Economic and Technological Development Zone Grievance Mechanism KC/ML –T200-006 A/0

Cobalt Supply Chain Due Diligence Policy and Commitment

The company recognizes that mining, trading, processing, and exporting minerals in high-risk areas may have risks that may cause significant negative impacts, and recognizes that we have the obligation to respect human rights and not have a negative impact on society. The company promises to adopt and widely disseminate the ” United Nations Guiding Principles

Supplier Code of Conduct

Respecting personnel, protecting labor rights and protecting children’s rights are the responsibility of Tianjin Maolian Technology Co., Ltd.’s supply chain due diligence management. In order to fulfill the above-mentioned responsibilities, this code of conduct is specially formulated, and the company’s suppliers are required to abide by it. This Supplier Code of Conduct is modeled after

Environmental Concerns